Mammoth Peak and Dana Meadows - 9/2014

Mammoth Peak and Dana Meadows - 9/2014
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The graph is distributed in a PDF file and can be opened and viewed using Adobe's Acrobat Reader or equivalent. For best printed results one's printer should have a minimum 600 dpi resultion.

The graph is constructed as a connected network of nodes and arcs where nodes represent major points of interest or major intersections in the San Francisco Bay Area, and arcs represent the most direct route by road or trail between the two adjacent nodes.

Map Objects

The name of the location or intersection appears on top, and the altitude above sea level in feet appears on the bottom.
Center section gives distance in miles between adjacent nodes; upper section gives gross climbing in feet between the lower node and the upper node; lower section gives gross climbing in feet between the upper node and the lower node.

This graph is intended to be used in conjunction with a normal street or trail map so that a named road or trail can be found, particularly where more than one plausible route exists for a given arc. This graph can be used to construct routes such that the distance and the gross climbing can be calculated directly.

The data in this graph formed the initial data set for the excellent software package, Klimb, created by Keith Vetter.

Tile from SF Bay Area Bike Map
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