Loma Prieta, November 2004 | 20/42 | Sierra Azul Panorama (3760ft)

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2005/11/24 12:37:00

This image was taken just below the northeast summit area of Loma Prieta. At the far left we can see Castle Rock Ridge (3210ft). To the right barely in view is Kings Mountain (2380ft). To the right and closer is Mt. Thayer (3480ft), the south bay weather radar dome on the south ridge of Mt. Umunhum (3450ft), and the Mt. Umunhum summit (3490ft).
Loma Ridge that extends from Loma Prieta to Mt. Umunhum is behind the large bush in the center of the image. Above this bush we can see part of Loma Ridge Road and near the top of the visible ridge we can see a few of the squalid encampments that the road passes in that area.

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Sierra Azul Panorama (3760ft)

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