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Panorama to the west from the summit of Sleeping Giant (1)

Ha'upu (2297ft) is the distinctive bump at the far left ridge. Then we see the ridge of Kahili (3089ft) and Kapalaoa (3310ft). Obscured by rain clouds are Kawaikini (5208ft) and Mt. Wai'ale'ale (5148ft). Centered beneath the clouds are the Makaleha Mountains (3240+ft). At the right are the Kalalea Mountains, the high point, Pu'u Ehu (1946ft) and to the right, Kiko'o (1488ft), Pu'u Konana'e (1433ft), and Hoku'alele (1280+ft). Kapa'a is at the far right. The valley in the middle ground are the Wailua and Kapa'a Homesteads.

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