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Schwalbe Stelvio (28-406, kevlar belt, wire bead) popped off the rim without blowing out
There's always a first time. I was riding along and heard a scuffing sound that occurred every revolution of the front wheel. I thought I might have picked up something sticky on the tire or a tack, so I pulled over to take a look at what it was. I couldn't find anything on the tread of the tire, but when I looked at the side of the tire, I found what you see in the photo. The scuffing was the bead "debris" striking my brake shoe. The damage to the bead occurred during this popoff event. The tire has only 450 miles on it, but it had been sitting in storage for 8 years before being used. I did notice that it loosely fit the rim, that it became easier to mount without tire levers since I first installed it. As seen in the photo it has about 80psi in it. I deflated the tire, reseated it, inflated it to about 60psi, and rode home taking care not to pinch flat. When I got home that evening I pumped it up to 120 psi (maximum rated) and let it sit. Rim was cool. About 10 minutes later the tire blew off, this time with a BANG! Sacrificed a tube, but better that than my skin! This tire has been "retired".

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